19th Century Gothic and Renaissance Style French Antique Cabinets and Armoires

by M. Markley Antiques

Including Neo-Gothic, Gothic Revival, Neo-Renaissance, Renaissance Revival, and Louis XIII


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french antique gothic armoire with wine theme

wine grape motif armoire french antique

chimera on french antique armoire

#5205 - Gothic Armoire with Vintage Wine Theme

(Width 47", height 87½", depth 18")


french antique gothic armoire with gargoyles

gargoyle on french gothic antique armoire

#5193 - Gothic Revival Armoire with Gargoyles in the Form of Crouching Dogs

(Width 49", height 100", depth 23½")


french antique armoire renaissance style walnut

renaissance carving italian style french antique armoire

#3092 - Renaissance Revival Armoire

(Width 54", height 90", depth 23½")


french antique gothic armoire chestnut

gothic armoire tracery

#5125 - Neo-Gothic Revival Armoire in Chestnut

(Width 49", height 87", depth 20")


french antique dressoir cabinet with wine theme

carved grapes and leaf on french antique gothic armoire

#5197 Low Gothic Revival Cabinet (Dressoir) in Oak with Wine Theme

(Width 52¾, height 35½, depth 18½ inches)



french antique armoire fontainebleau renaissance style

caryatid on french antique cabinet

#5183A - Renaissance Revival Buffet Cabinet with Built-In Lighting

(Width 58", height 108", depth 22")


french antique renaissance dessert cabinet

#5183B - Neo-Renaissance Buffet Cabinet (Dessert)

(Width 48", height 72", depth 18")


french antique gothic cabinet with coats of arms and basilisks

french antique coat-of-arms on gothic cabinet

basilisk supporting french antique gothic cabinet

#5216 - Gothic Cabinet supported by Basilisks

(Width 55¼", height 90¾", depth 22½") 


troubador theme antique cabinet

troubadour on antique french gothic cabinet

#5106 - Gothic Troubadour Cabinet

 (Width 39", height 38", depth 20")



french antique gothic cabinet in oak

carved vegetation on french antique cabinet


angel on french antique gothic cabinet

#5179 - Gothic Cabinet or Armoire

(Width 34", height 84", depth 18")


gothic hexagonal cabinet french antique

#5185 - Gothic Dressoir or Cabinet

 (Width 43", height 61", depth 26")


french antique gothic cabinet walnut

#4107 - Gothic Revival Buffet Cabinet

 (Width 55¼", height 90¾", depth 22¼")


french antique cabinet half-armoire or homme-debout bonnetiere

#4191 Cabinet or Half-Armoire

(Homme-Debout or Bonnetière

(Width 27", height 71", depth 17¼")


french antique cabinet louis xiii confiturier

#1036 - Louis XIII Confiturier

 (Width 35", height 42", depth 21")


Louis XIII Style French Antique Cabinet

 #9230 - Louis XIII Cabinet

(Width 40", height 37½", depth 18¼")




french antique buffet cabinet in walnut

#3306 - Henri II Cabinet

(Width 55", height 38½", depth 20½")





french antique cabinet renaissance style with stork and medallions

detail of medallion on french antique cabinet


detail of stork on french antique cabinet

 #1016 - Renaissance Revival Two-Piece Cabinet

(Width 26½", height 65", depth 17½")



french antique cabinet with putti and dolphins

#4157 - Renaissance Revival Cabinet

 (Width 48", height 29½", depth 19½")




#4159 - Italian Renaissance Sideboard or Buffet Cabinet (Credenza)

(Width 70", height 42½", depth 21½") 




antique gothic buffet cabinet with elaborate tracery

#9452 - Gothic Revival Buffet Cabinet

(Width 49", height 40", depth 20½") 




french antique Henri II Style Buffet in solid walnut

#1024 Henri II Buffet Cabinet

 (Width 55", height 40", depth 22½")




italian buffet cabinet with renaissance ornament

#3307 - Italian Renaissance Revival Cabinet (Credenza)

 (Width 48", height 39", depth 22")



french antique cabinet louis xiii style

 #1032 - Louis XIII Cabinet or Pantalonnière

(Width 54", height 43", depth 23½")




french antique cabinet dolphins renaissance style

dolphin detail grotesque decoration antique cabinet french

#3094A - Renaissance Buffet Cabinet in Walnut

 (Width 62½", height 41½", depth 18½")


french antique grotesque decoration renaissance cabinet

central door panel carving renaissance cabinet french antique

#3094B - Renaissance Buffet Cabinet in Walnut

(Width 62½", height 39", depth 21")


giant french antique bookcase cabinet bibliotheque

#9225 - Library Cabinet or Display Cabinet

  (Width 104", height 94", depth 25")



french antique cabinet or bookcase with glass doors

#9240 - Henri II Library Cabinet or Display Cabinet

(Width 83½", height 93", depth 23") 


french armoire reproduction Louis XIV

#1017 Vintage 20th Century Armoire in Louis XIV Style

(Width 76", height 86", depth 27")




french antique Louis XIII Armoire

#1018 Louis XIII Armoire

(Width 56", Height 72½", Depth 15")



french antique cabinet gothic style chestnut

Item 5123 - Gothic Revival Buffet Cabinet in Chestnut $3,995

More Info 


massive antique gothic cabinet french

Item 5316 - Gothic Buffet Cabinet

More Info


huge french antique cabinet renaissance style

Item 5333 - Renaissance Buffet Cabinet

More Info


small french antique gothic-cabinet

Item 5214 - Small Gothic Revival Cabinet $3,675

(Width 42, Height 34½, Depth 17½)

More Info 


french antique small gothic cabinet

 5155 - Small Gothic Revival Cabinet in Oak $1,295

More Info



french antique cabinet or chest renaissance style

5169 - Renaissance Cabinet or Chest in Oak $2,195

(Width 31½, Height 28, Depth 18)

 More Info



french antique enfilade lions sold

#9440 - Renaissance Enfilade or Buffet Cabinet with Lions' Heads



gothic cabinet history of brittany

#3091 - Gothic Cabinet Telling the History of Brittany


gothic cabinet with guard dogs

#5112A - Gothic Buffet Cabinet with Guard Dogs


french antique gothic cabinet with rooster coat-of-arms

#5112B - Gothic Cabinet with Rooster Coat-of-Arms


french antique Chivalry Cabinet in Walnut sold

#3097 - Renaissance Cabinet in Walnut with Knight and Lady in Terra Cotta


french antique cabinet sold

#5171 - Renaissance Arabesques Cabinet


french antique cabinet argenterie falconry theme sold 

#3228 - Gothic Argenterie 



french antique Gothic Cabinet with Knights sold

#3232 Gothic Cabinet with Knights


small french gothic cabinet elaborate open tracery sold

#4190 - Gothic Cabinet 



massive french antique cabinet with fleurs-de-lys sold

#1035 - Louis XIII Two-Piece Cabinet (18th Century) 



french antique gothic dressoir sold

#9205 - Gothic Dressoir

french antique dressoir wine theme

#9204 - Gothic Dressoir


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