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Gothic and Renaissance Chests from France


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9460 french antique box coffret
9460 Antique Box or Coffret with Wine Theme $2,480
5180-heavily carved Renaissance Chest
5180 Heavily Carved Renaissance Chest $8,795
5154 Fran├žois I Style Chest with Salamander $3,995
5227 renaissance perspective chest
5227 Renaissance Chest with Linear Perspective $11,995
3213 Fontainebleau Style Chest $3,662
4158 Gothic Chest $1,667
4189 Gothic Revival Chest $2,845
1034 17th Century Chest with Fleur-de-Lys $2,487
9330 - Louis XIII Style Chest
9330 Louis XIII Chest $964
3216-Gothic Chest
3216 Gothic Chest with Linen-Fold Panels $1,387
4152-Louis XIII chest
4152 Chest with Diamond Panels $1,495
gothic revival chest
5150 Flamboyant Gothic Style Chest $2,195
Gothic chest
Request more information on item 5320 Gothic Chest $2,278 (21½H; 36½W; 16½D)
wood gothic box
Request more information on item 5170 Gothic Box (Coffret) $1,419 (12H; 19W; 12D)
french antique cabinet or chest renaissance style
Request more information on item 5169 Renaissance Chest $2195 (28H; 31½W; 18D)
4109 Italian Style Chest
3089 - Henri II Style Chest
3089 Henri II Style Chest