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French Antique Display Cabinet 9240 with Etched Glass Doors


Item 9240 -french antique bookcase
Price $2,465
Item 9240 - Width 83½, Height 93, Depth 23 (in inches)
Wood - Walnut
Date - Circa 1880
Country of Origin - France
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This library cabinet or bibliothèque has three etched and beveled glass doors and three drawers, all framed by columns spanning from top to bottom. Its overall design is a simple yet elegant rectilinear treatment using such typical motifs as the “sandpile” raised panels above and below the columns as well as the central decoration of the lower part of each door.

The cabinet sits on bun feet below a classic moulding. Made of solid French walnut, the cabinet boasts a pleasing patina on the lush wood reflecting the heritage of its 19th century origins in southeastern France. For ease of mobility, the cabinet breaks down into multiple pieces.

The most representative color, given the challenges of photographing dark furniture, is in the image at the top of this page.


Rousseau, Francis, Le Grand Livre des Meubles (Copyright Studio, Paris, 1999)


The cabinet is ideal for any room in which items such as ceramics, porcelain, crystal, etc. will be displayed or for its more traditional role as in a library for storing and displaying books.

9240-central panel of antique bookcase
9240-sand pile motif
9240-left drawer handle
9240-top of antique bookcase
9240-lower part of antique bookcase with glass doors
9240-right door
9240-lock and key of antique bookcase
9240-sand pile ornamentation
9240-bookcase with doors and drawers open
9240-interior of lower part of bookcase
9240-interior of bookcase
9240-side of bookcase