19th Century French Antique Ceramics from Gien and Blois

by M. Markley Antiques





About Gien Faïence

blois faience porc-epic


 About Blois Faïence


As part of the Château des Bois Collection, M. Markley Antiques features items made at the ceramic works at Blois and Gien.  While Blois went out of existence more than half a century ago, Gien is still going strong and making some of the Renaissance style items we prize so highly.  For more information, click on the links above.  Go to our Stylistic Origins page for more information on Gothic and Renaissance styles.



 An example of Gien's Renaissance series evoking 16th century designs



 An example from Blois incorporating symbols of the Château


Gien - Museum & Factory

Michael Markley at the Museum & Factory Store in Gien


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