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Gothic and Renaissance Tables from France


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5209-small gothic table extending
Price $4,756
(41¼/72¾L; 25¼W; 30¾H)
french gothic hexagonal gueridon-table
Price $2,495
(13¼W; 29H)
french antique oval walnut table
Price $6,260
(63½L; 43¼W; 28¾H)
french antique dining table fontainebleau style rosso fiorentino
Price $9,895
(60/108L; 41W; 32H)
gothic writing desk from mercier freres
Price $2,995
(35½L; 23½W; 27½H)
french antique dining table gothic extending
Price $9,995
(49/107L; 45¼W; 28¾H)
Price $3,895
(55L; 36W; 30½H)
Price $11,195
(50L; 25W; 30H)
french antique library table with melusine
Price $5,795
(56½L; 30W; 34H)
french antique trestle table extended
Price $2,395
(50/90L; 32W; 29H)
french antique-croix-de-lorraine-table
Price $2,995
(51/100L; 30W; 30H)
Price $1,995
(34L; 22W; 29H)
french antique table gothic writing desk
Price $1,995
(29½L; 23½W; 28½H)
french antique Renaissance Croix-de-Lorraine Table
Price $3,865
(49L; 30W; 26H)
Small table in Fontainebleau design
Price $2,495
(27½W; 32¼H)
Price $2,125
(62L; 43W; 30H)
9211-dining table
Price $4,985
(58¾/105¾L; 43¼W; 29¾H)
french antique dining table or desk trestle design
Price $7,343
(70¼L; 41¼W; 29½H)
small french antique dining table
Price $1,375
(46L; 41½W; 30¼H)
small french antique table with inlaid top
Price $1,585
(37½L; 21½W; 29½H)
french antique Henri II occasional table
Price $1,363
(43½L; 25½W; 30½H)
gothic antique dining table or desk
Price $2,125
(65L; 36½W; 31½H)
french antique Renaissance pedestal desk
Price $2,388
(59L; 33W; 32H)
french antique writing desk henri ii style
Price $5,995
(43½L; 27W; 30H)
french antique renaissance library table fleur-de-lys
Price $8,795
(52½L; 30½W; 31H)
french antique louis xiii table
Price $3,995
(55L; 34½W; 30H)
antique french louis xiii table
Price $2,995
(52L; 32W; 28¼H)
#9451 - french antique Gothic Dining Table with Extensions
Price $2,295
(51L; 35¼W; 31½H)
french antique floor lamp
Price $895
(23½W; 72H)
5199 gothic dining table extending
Price $2,995
(51/96L; 40W; 30½H)
french renaissance library table trestle table
Price $3,695
(55L; 31W; ½H;)
5217 gothic dining table extended
french antique renaissance style writing desk
Price $3,195
french antique gothic gargoyle stand
Price $1,285
french antique plant stand
Price $595
french antique  knight-stand
Price $2,695
french antique plant stand
Price $1,795
french antique column with marble top
Price $3,295
5135 gothic dining table extending
french antique Henri II Octagonal Table sold
sold-french antique farm table
french antique renaissance trestle table four winds
french antique dining table inlay top sold
french antique dining table sold
french antique flamboyant gothic desk sold