Our Wine and Travel Adventures in Europe

by M. Markley Antiques


Meril Markley has been writing articles since 2009 for the Newsletter of the Wine Society of Texas (Greater Houston Chapter) chronicling  travels and the enjoyment of wine, food, friends, and European locales.   The articles (downloadable pdf documents) are arranged, by country, in the list below.  As of September, 2019, Meril has taken over duties as editor of newsletter for the Society as a whole.  


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Collected Articles for WST by Meril Markley

WST Newsletter Fall 2019






New Wine in Old Venues and Tales from the Vienna Woods

Cellini Saliera


Austrian Wine Worth its Salt



A Trip to Austria without the Jet Lag 

Meril Markley's hand-out on Austrian Wines from the Wine Society's dinner at Charivari (January, 2012)




Musseling in on Trips to Belgium

Czech Republic

Hergetova Cihelna Prague


Czeching out Oranges and Austrian Wines in Prague


La Madeleine at Night


A Christmas Carnival of the Animals in the City of Light

La Chaume 'Yerres


Homage to a Big Cheese in Brie

Cahors Bridge


Out for the Count in Languedoc



Getting an Ear-Full in Van Gogh's Town

Le Roi de Pot au Feu


Quaffing the King's Tipple in a Paris Comfort Zone

La Famille Guillon


Uncorking Vintage France, One (Extended) Family at a Time

Haut Koenigsbourg in the Snow


Glühwein and other Germanic Treats in the Land of Noël

l'escargot montorgeuil


Paris at a Snail's Pace

Fontainebleau Castle


A Honey of a Duck after the Hunt at Fontainebleau




Sipping the Bounties of a League's Final Hold-Outs


Prinz Eugen in Budapest


A Hungarian Rhapsody of Duck and Tokay in Budapest


Simon Boccanegra Florence


A Winter's Tale from the Black Mouth of Florence

Markleys on Rialto Bridge in Venice


Venice Conjures its Wintertime Magic with Vivaldi and a Mandolin



Enchanted by Umbria -- Perugia and Beyond

Leon D'Oro Rome


Pining for Porcini after a Roman Holiday

Bologna at Night


Recalling Icons of a Bygone Era on a Trip to Bologna



Avoiding the Staples of Naples


Valetta Malta


Crossing Malta off the List


lisbon-praca do comercio


Lisbon for the Spice of Life




Up in Smoke in Gaudí's Barcelona

United Kingdom

La Poule au Pot in London


A Fowl Visit to London with a French Take on 'a Chicken in Every Pot'

Christ Church Cathedral Oxford


Cracking the Morse Code on a Visit to Oxford

United States (Texas)

Chef Hilda Ysusi


Broken Barrel -- A New Eatery in The Woodlands Fuses Generations of Inspiration with Cutting Edge Flavors



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