French Gothic Desk

Item 3229 by M. Markley Antiques


gothic style desk

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Item 3229

Flamboyant Gothic Desk


Width 57

Height 31½

Depth 32

(in inches)


Solid walnut


Circa 1890




This solid walnut desk offers a feast of Gothic design in a practical and useful piece of furniture.  Based on tracery or fenestrage with its roots in the flamboyant style of Gothic architectural design, this desk is a feast for the eyes while offering the convenience and practicality of a large horizontal surface and two spacious drawers.  Unlike most pieces of furniture made in 19th century France at the height of the Gothic Revival movement, this desk is light in color -- displaying the richness and depth of the walnut rather than stained darkly and obscuring the beauty of the wood.  Its overall structure is that of a classic table-bureau from the 17th century overlaid with Gothic design elements.  The leather top on the desk is original and so we have not replaced it, even though it has discolorations, in order to preserve the value of the piece.



Boccador, Jacqueline, Le Mobilier Français du Moyen Age à la Renaissance, Editions d'Art Monelle Hayot (Saint-Just-en-Chaussée, 1988); Boussel, Patrice, Les Styles du Moyen Age à Louis XIV  (Baschet et Cie, Paris, 1979); Rousseau, Francis, Le Grand Livre des Meubles (Copyright Studio, Paris, 1999)



This desk is ideal for use in a home office and would fit well in a library setting, even doubling as a library table.

3229-top of gothic desk


3229-right corner tracery


3229-side detail tracery

3229-center tracery


3229-tracery drawer




3229-side view




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