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French Antique Louis XIII Table 9310


louis xiii table
Price $2,995
Item 9310 - Width 52, Height 28¾, Depth 32 (in inches)
Wood - Walnut
Date - Circa 1870
Country of Origin - France
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This antique table from southeastern France is significant for its unique combination of elements of both the Louis XIII and the slightly earlier Renaissance styles during their 19th century revivals. The “H” shaped stretcher and the vertical, as opposed to diagonal, over-sized gadrooning on the frieze make it strikingly similar to an early 17th century table sold at the Drouot auction house in Paris in the summer of 1992.

The four legs, exquisitely hand-carved torsades (spiral turnings) with the grace and simplicity so beloved in the Louis XIII style, support the table in its sturdy and timeless elegance. The table’s rich, coloring and warm patina reflect the region’s affinity for dark walnut furniture set against white-washed walls and tile floors. For other Louis XIII style pieces featuring torsades, see confiturier 1036, small cabinet 9230, and table 9280.


Thirion, Jacques, Le Mobilier du Moyen Age et de la Renaissance en France (Editions Faton, Dijon, 1998)


Ideal for use as a library table, a desk, or even a kitchen table, this piece blends beautifully with traditional and contemporary furnishings.

9310-walnut repair
9310-walnut top detail
9310-louis xiii table solid walnut
9310-table base