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George Greider

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George Greider at his Lathe
George in his workshop using one of his lathes

Customers bring me everything from damaged furniture, to ideas for new pieces, and challenge me to find solutions...from reproducing an 18th century Russian headboard, to custom-designing wooden boxes for oil field equipment.

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Logo of Woodwork by George

Like many gifted craftsman, George Greider enjoyed success in another line of work but eventually moved full-time into his passion -- working with wood. Typical projects involve designing furniture, restoring pieces that have seen better days, and carving the elements necessary to bring antique furniture back to its former glory. It all started when, at the age of 12, he built a table saw in the family basement so he could work with wood whenever he wanted. Over the years, he has amassed an impressive array of machinery and tools to handle both small projects and large in his spacious workshop. Below are some photos reflecting his skill and creativity as both designer of new items and restorer of old ones, as well as a peek inside his workshop.

Examples of Antique Restoration Projects

A Cinderella Story — Neglected 19th century framework becomes the base for a magnificent dining table with a draw-leaf parquet top as designed and executed by George.

French antique base for custom parquet table top
Frame held together with iron bars
Pieces of parquet being assembled into table top for antique base
Pieces of oak parquet for a new top
Finished table top mounted on base
View from below of new draw-leaf top
french antique table base with new parquet top extended
Finished table with top extended

Heads above the Rest — When these antique sgabello style chairs arrived from France they needed some tender loving care. While the magnificent heads with the flowing hair were intact, below them the open carving was fragile and the backs were wobbly. George's solution was to craft a special panel and attach it to the backs,stained dark enough for the carving to be highlighted while providing stability for anyone wanting to sit in the chairs.

sgabello before repair
Open carving viewed from the rear
sgabello after repair
Replacement panel viewed from the rear
sgabello upper
Upper part of sgabello viewed from the front
French antique sgabelli
French antique sgabelli with heads above their restoration

Smooth as Silk — A 19th century French Gothic table was supposed to extend but required the strength of Hercules to pull it apart. The two leaves, needed to extend it, were missing. George made two matching walnut leaves and installed a new system so both ends of the table could extend smoothly while needing to pull (gently) on only one. Making room for more guests is now effortless.

Sliding system for extending antique table top
Underside of table with new sliding mechanism installed
Release for sliding mechanism
Push-button to release sliding mechanism and pull table apart
Table top extended prior to insertion of leaves
Table open for placement of leaves
Table top extended with leaves inserted
Table top extended with leaves inserted
French antique table with top extended
French antique table given a new life with new leaves and sliding mechanism

From Michael Markley, Co-Owner of M. Markley Antiques --

The French antique furniture we import and sell is heavily carved and full of intricacies in structure and function. We needed a seasoned expert and someone we could trust to handle restoration and repair work. We have never encountered anyone with the skill and creativity that George possesses. He understands the techniques used in the 19th century, which are essential to repairing and renewing furniture, resulting in pieces that will be treasured by current owners and future generations. We admire George's commitment to excellence and his dedication to preserving the output of artisans of centuries past.

Examples of New Furniture by George

custom-designed mirror and cabinet
Custom-Designed Cabinet and Mirror
custom-designed wooden gun cabinet
Custom-Designed Gun Cabinet
custom-designed rocking chair
Custom-Designed Rocking Chair
custom-designed china cabinet
Custom-Designed China Cabinet or Bookcase
custom-designed bar stool
Custom-Designed Barstool

Taking a Peek at George's Workshop

Inside George Greider's Workshop - Image 1
Inside George Greider's Workshop - Image 2
Inside George Greider's Workshop - Giant Lathe
Inside George Greider's Workshop - Giant Sander
Inside George Greider's Workshop - Giant Band Saw
Inside George Greider's Workshop - knives for carving
Inside George Greider's Workshop - Furniture Clamps
Sign for Woodwork by George