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French Antique Armchair 3211


french antique armchair gothic revival
Price $1,595
Item 3211 - Width 26½, Height 48½, Depth 26 (in inches)
Wood - Oak
Date - Circa 1910
Country of Origin - France
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This armchair dates from the early 20th century but displays a wealth of stylistic elements of earlier times, including Gothic, Renaissance and Louis XIII. In its overall structure, it resembles the armchairs with high backs and stretchers fashioned from elaborate turnings which became all the rage in Paris around 1650, shortly after the death of Louis XIII. But the persistence of Renaissance style is evidenced by the graceful, curving acanthus leaf pattern at the end of the arms.

The wooden pediment atop the back owes its inspiration to earlier, Gothic style, or what the French call Henri II, borrowed from high-backed ceremonial chairs of the Middle Ages resembling thrones and reserved for seating important personages. Made of solid oak, the chair has been covered in a fabric with designs from medieval manuscripts and traditional symbols such as the fleur-de-lys.


Boussel, Patrice, Les Styles du Moyen Age à Louis XIV (Baschet et Cie, Paris, 1979); Quette, Anne-Marie, Le Mobilier Français Louis XIII et Louis XIV (Editions Massin, Paris, 1996); Un Temps d'Exubérance, Les Arts Décoratifs sous Louis XIII et Anne d'Autriche, Paris, Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais (Réunion des Musées Nationaux, 2002)


Solid, sturdy, comfortable and elegant, this chair is ideal for a living room, library, study, or bedroom.

3211-back of antique chair
3211-side view of antique chair
3211-pediment antique armchair
3211-detail of fabric on antique armchair
3211-seat of antique chair
3211-base of antique chair
3211-detail of base of louis xiii chair
3211-arm of antique armchair