To make a purchase, to obtain more information (including additional pictures and fabric samples), or to view items in person, please contact:

Michael M. Markley
M. Markley Antiques
10903 Loggers Luck Place
The Woodlands, TX 77380
Telephone 281-748-2266
E-mail mmarkley@mmarkley.com

If you are considering purchasing from M. Markley Antiques (a division of the Markley Group, Inc.), you should keep in mind that acquiring a French antique is akin to welcoming a new member into the family.  It should have artistic merit while also being useful.  But most of all, it should be something you will want to spend years with because it pleases you -- it fits your personal style and enhances the image you with to project to those who visit and with whom you share your special places.

Most of the items we offer are at least 100 years old and have probably had multiple owners.  Over such a long time it is inevitable that pieces acquire nicks, scratches and stains, plus old wood dries out and may split.  Some items have experienced repairs over their lifetime as well, reflecting varying degrees of skill in accomplishing them.  We detail these wear and age items that we think might give a client pause, when considering a purchase, such as unusually wide cracks, missing parts or moldings or anything that might keep the item from its intended use, such as a table, from being used as a table. It is also our policy not to purchase or offer for sale anything that is not suitable for its intended use.  We make repairs as necessary to allow the intended use to take place normally, but we do not repair every nick or scratch, because these signs of use are what buyers seek in antique furniture, and alterations could reduce the future resale value of the items, as complete refinishing often does.  While our website offers multiple photos of everything we offer, including close-ups of things we want to call to a buyer's attention, an antique is not a new piece of furniture and so may not be in perfect condition.

We recommend that you contact us by phone (or email us and we will call you) to discuss the items you are considering purchasing, to answer questions about their condition, color, upholstery, repairs, and how they might be used.  Our goal is to help you choose items with which you will be happy so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

If, however, you are dissatisfied for any reason with an item you have purchased, you may return it to us by notifying us within 3 days of your receipt of the item.  To ship the item back to us, you will need to prepay the shipping and insurance charges, and use the same company that delivered it to you.  Upon receipt and confirmation that the item is in the same condition as when it left our premises, we will promptly refund the purchase price, less a 15% restocking fee.

Please note that
from time to time items will be marked "Clearance" or "Sale" and are sold as is, without the possibility of a return or a refund.  To assure your satisfaction, please ask questions before you purchase.  All sales are final for clearance items.


We accept cash, checks (our bank requires 10 working days to clear) or wire transfers.  We do not accept credit cards or PayPal.  

Purchasers in the state of Texas will be charged sales tax unless they supply a valid resale certificate.

Delivery and set-up is the responsibility of the purchaser.  Our preferred shipper is Plycon and we will be happy to obtain a quote for you or you may contact them directly:

Plycon Transportation Group
4869 Sharp St.
Dallas, TX 75247



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