French Antique Draw-Leaf Dining Table 4112


dining table draw-leaf

Item 4112 Henri II Oak Dining Table with Extensions
Dimensions  Width 50 (90 with extensions), Height 29, Depth 32 (in inches)
Wood  Solid Oak
Country  France
Date  Circa 1930
Price  $2,395

This solid oak draw leaf table is a recent acquisition that suggests Henri II or Louis XIII in styles considering its overall design based on a trestle structure. The top is inlaid oak in the French parquet manner, and it has two draw leaf extensions that make the total length 90" with them extended. The top has been refinished, so that the depth of the grain and color are at their best. The multiple coats of lacquer are sympathetic to the original finish.

It has four sturdy main oak turnings and three smaller ones, under the center of the top, attached to the central stretcher. At each of the four corners, under the top, are four poignés that resemble upside down finials or toupies. The base is stabilized with the massive scrolls at the ends of the supporting stretchers, that incorporate a double plume or feather motif that is typical of this style, and period. Age cracks are visible in the four main columns, but do not affect the extreme sturdiness of the table.



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 A unique feature of this table is its width to length ratio. With the extensions opened, it becomes an excellent table to place behind a sofa to accommodate lamps to light it's occupants, as well as the traditional use in a smaller dining space.


4112-small antique dining table extended

Circular-shaped spots on photo (frieze and right panel of table top) are due to the camea.  These spots are not on the table itself.


4112-table legs


4112-detail table foot

4112-small antique dining table


4112-base detail


4112-parquet top antique table


4112-parquet top detail


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