Huge French Antique Mirror in Walnut

Item 9220 by M. Markley Antiques


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Item 9220 Renaissance (Henri II) Mirror in Walnut
Dimensions Width 35, Height 60, Depth 3 (in inches)
Wood Walnut
Date Circa 1910
Country France
Price $987

This large, rectangular mirror began life as the door to an armoire or cabinet, as we have surmised from the keyhole on the left vertical member of the frame.  But separated from its former function it has taken on an independent life as a magnificent hanging mirror.  Based on the construction of solid, old-growth walnut and the Renaissance stylistic elements, we would classify this mirror as Henri II in style and spirit.

The glass and silvering are in excellent condition.  The mirror's edges are  beveled, signaling  that it is, at the earliest, of late 19th century construction.



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Anywhere that one would place a large mirror, this one would command attention, including in an entryway or foyer, above a chest, over a fireplace, or simply all by itself.


mirror top


mirror ornamentation


mirror top corner


full-length antique mirror


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