Antique Italian Bed

Item 3245 by M. Markley Antiques


antique bed queen mattress

(scroll down for additional-photos)The actual color is closer to that of the headboard but owing to flash photography it does not appear the same as the footboard. 

Item 3245

Italian Bed Suitable for a Queen Mattress


Width , Height , Depth  (in inches) -- Opening for mattress is 68¼ wide and 78¾ inches long




Circa 1880




We found this bed in Italy and purchased it because it would accommodate a queen size mattress without having to add extra pieces of wood and damage the overall look.  Typically, antique beds and even ones that are a mere 80 years old as this one, are far shorter and narrower than modern sleepers will tolerate.  So this bed was the ideal find.
Its overall design is architectural and evokes the Neo-Renaissance decorative vocabulary of geometric shapes and mouldings.
  Crafted of solid walnut, its rich patina and lovely color assure pride of place in a master bedroom or guest room for generations to come.



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This bed comes apart into headboard, footboard, and side panels for ease of moving and re-assembling.


3245-headboard of italian antique bed

3245-detail of headboard


3245-panels of headboard


3245-central part of antique headboard


3245-footboard of antique italian bed


3245-detail of footboard of antique bed


3245-footboard panels


3245-side of antique italian bed


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