Love-Seat and Pair of Louis XIV Dining Chairs

Item 3212 by M. Markley Antiques


antique love seat and 2 chairs in Louis XIV style

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Item 3212

Love-Seat and Pair of Louis XIV Chairs


(in inches)




Circa 1900






It is unusual to find a pair of matching Louis XIV style chairs along with a love seat in such fine  condition in terms of sturdiness and stability, and even rarer to find them made of walnut rather than beech or other cheaper hardwoods.  The walnut is solid, well-carved and with a nice patina.

The upholstery is not original and while we were tempted to re-cover these pieces in something more contemporary than the flocked floral pattern currently adorning them, they are being sold as-is to give their eventual buyer the choice of something more contemporary and suitable for intended use.

It is interesting that as reinterpretations of the classic Louis XIV armchair are executed nearer to our own time, the carving gets more approximate to the point that the classic acanthus leaf ornament has virtually disappeared.  Therefore, this set encompassing both chairs and love-seat is an exquisite reminder of a late 19th century style, flawless in its execution.



Quette, Anne-Marie, Le Mobilier Français Louis XIII et Louis XIV (Editions Massin, Paris, 1996); Rousseau, Francis, Le Grand Livre des Meubles (Copyright Studio, Paris, 1999)



As with all our pieces, these are sturdy and comfortable with many years of additional life in them.


antique settee Louis XIV


base of antique settee


arm of settee


antique settee side view

base detail


back of love seat or settee


2 upholstered dining chairs


side view of upholstered dining chair



base of dining chair


detail of base of chair


back of upholstered antique dining chairs


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