French Antique Library Cabinet 9225 with Glass Doors and Shelves


french antique illuminated library cabinet glass doors

Item 9225 Henri II Display Cabinet or Bibliothèque with Glass Doors
Dimensions Width 104, Height 94, Depth 25 (in inches)
Wood Solid walnut
Country France
Date Circa 1880
Price $8,888

This antique library cabinet or bibliothèque is from northern France.    It has three beveled glass doors and has been updated with glass shelves and a low-voltage lighting system to highlight the items displayed within.  The doors lock with their own original keys.  Made from solid French walnut, the cabinet dates from the 19th century revival of interest in gothic and Renaissance furniture, and displays stylistic features commonly referred to as Henri II.  These include the columns on either side and between the glass doors with their intricately carved turnings, and the hand-carved floral motifs at top and bottom.  For ease of mobility, the cabinet breaks down into 10 pieces.  Items displayed in the cabinet are for sale separately, but the price of the cabinet includes the glass shelves and low-voltage lighting system.



Fligny, Laurence, Le Mobilier en Picardie 1200-1700 (Picard Editeur, Paris, 1990)



The cabinets are ideal for any room in which items such as ceramics, porcelain, crystal, etc. will be displayed.  They could even be arranged back-to-back as the focus of a large room or as a room divider.


9225-antique bookcase with glass doors and interior lighting


9225-carving at base


9225-detail of carving at base


9225-central carving


9225-dolphin carving on base of antique bilbliotheque


9225-detail of walnut


9225-top of bookcase


9225-top corner of bookcase


9225-sand pile detail


9225-glass door of bookcase




9225-column detail

9225-side top


9225-side bottom

9225-antique library cabinet with interior lighting and Gien ceramics


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