French Antique Henri II Cabinet

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french antique buffet cabinet

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Item 1024 Henri II Buffet Cabinet
Dimensions Width 55, Height 40, Depth 22.5 (in inches)
Wood Walnut
Country France
Date Circa 1890
Price $1,347

This walnut antique buffet cabinet is a classic of the style known as Henri II or Renaissance Revival. It features the typical stylistic elements of rectilinear mouldings and raised panels as well as fluted columns on either side and plume motifs framing the two drawers. Although primarily solid walnut, the base has some veneers. The top has been replaced with solid, walnut. The hardware, particularly the drawer pulls, are intricately detailed and original, incorporating a minute and grotesque visage. A fine example of 19th century handmade furniture, this piece is particularly pleasing in the richness of the French walnut of this period.



Rousseau, Francis, Le Grand Livre des Meubles (Copyright Studio, Paris, 1999)



This cabinet is ideal as a buffet in a dining room or kitchen as well as in other rooms of the house to store linens. It could even be used as a credenza in an office setting or library.



left side

palm leaf carving


french antique drawer pull ornate


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