About Mischa and Margaux


As part of their roles at M. Markley Antiques, Mischa and Margaux have been featured in advertisements for the programs of Mercury Baroque,* which you can see if you click here.  

When we have to go off to Europe to find more antiques, Mischa and Margaux have happily stayed at Almost Home Pet Retreat* in Conroe, Texas.



Margaux and Mischa in their Ralph Lauren* Riding Coats 



When we lived in Paris, one of the most charming aspects of the antiques business was seeing the dealers with their dogs. The business required long hours in a shop and things could get lonely between customers.  So what better companion than a pooch?  Most were small dogs, frequently Poodles, and they all seemed uncommonly smart and friendly, just like their owners.

True to that tradition, M. Markley Antiques needed a dog too and, for close to sixteen years, Mischa filled that role with gusto and grace.  Although he is no longer with us, his memory lives on in our hearts.

Named after Mikhail ("Mischa") Baryshnikov, whose agility, grace, and leaping abilities he shared, our Mischa enjoyed living in a home filled with antiques but never had any accidents involving them.

While Mischa was not born into the antiques business, he got there as soon as he could. When a young pup looking for a home, he was taken by his owner to her job at our internet service provider, where Michael happened by one day and Mischa promptly fell asleep in his lap.  It was love at first sight.  Soon, Mischa was home with us and fulfilling his genetic role of protector, especially when cats, armadillos, or turtles happened by the office window from which he surveyed his domain.

Although he looked like a Poodle, Mischa was a Schnoodle (Poodle-Schnauzer hybrid), combining the best of his French and German heritage.  His favorite things included long walkies on the nature paths in the Woodlands, visiting with his pals, squeaking his carrot toy, snoozing in Meril's lap while listening to music of his preferred composers (Rameau and Telemann), and eating any kind of cheese but preferably Neal's Yard Colston Bassett Stilton.

Margaux Markley

Margaux is a more recent addition to the M. Markley Antiques Team and came to us thanks to two serendipitous encounters.  The first involved Mischa, who was sprayed by a skunk in the pre-dawn hours one morning as he ventured off the back deck to begin his morning toilette.  While visiting the groomer's to seek out a replacement for Mischa's violet collar that was doused by the skunk, the second encounter occurred.  Michael saw Margaux, a 3½ year-old apricot Maltese-Poodle mix who was up for adoption after being rescued from difficult circumstances.  It was love at first sight, just as when he encountered Mischa.

Margaux has proved a challenge in helping her to overcome the lingering behavioral problems from her former life.  For example, we learned that she had lived indoors and had never experienced rain.  The first time we had a light drizzle and took her for a walk, she was terrified and refused to budge. Since then, she has been adapting to a host of new experiences.  Having a role at M. Markley Antiques has also helped her to focus and to adjust to a stable routine Chez Markley.  Her favorite toy is a plush carrot (see photo below) that she loves to shake and throw in the air or to walk around the house with it in her mouth until someone volunteers for a game of fetch.

While Mischa always enjoyed listening to music, we have learned that Margaux excels at performing and is definitely a dramatic coloratura (the same classification as Meril had during her operatic career of decades ago).  During a practice session for her annual performance at Austrian National Day in Houston, Meril was surprised to hear Margaux join in, matching pitches and intervals as arpeggios unfolded.  We're still not sure if Margaux was voicing her approval, howling in disgust, or aspiring to sing Queen of the Night -- but her abilities proved uncanny.

WithMargaux's long, silky hair, we think she bears a certain resemblance to the star of Botticelli's Birth of Venus.   This could help explain Margaux's fondness for the Italian pieces in the Château des Bois CollectionTM and her preference for Gorgonzola  cheese over Roquefort (although peanut butter may be her ultimate treat of choice).




Mischa, while listening to Rameau



Margaux with her Carrot in her super comfy Sherpa Oval Pet Bed by FurHaven*


 Mischa in his red hunting jacket

...or wearing his hunting jacket on Chair 1023



...or without her Carrot


Our friend and gifted painter, Lena Zaltsberg, honored us with portraits of her friends, Mischa and Margaux.

mischa and margaux markley by lena zaltsberg

mischa by lena zaltsberg

margaux by lena zaltsberg

More images of Mischa and Margaux at M. Markley Antiques...

Michael and Margaux in their Ralph Lauren Reindeer Sweaters

Michael and Margaux in their Ralph Lauren Reindeer Sweaters

Margaux in her Ralph Lauren Reindeer Sweater

Michael and Margaux in their Ralph Lauren Reindeer Sweaters



 Mischa and Margaux having a lie-down after a busy day at M. Markley Antiques



Waiting for dinner while listening to Telemann


...and listening a bit longer



Michael, Margaux, and Mischa in their spacey raincoats


Both Mischa and Margaux were very sad that their friend, Les Osborne, shuttered Paws in the Woodlands and moved back to Indiana with his wife, Tanya.  Paws was a refuge whenever we (Meril and Michael) had to head off to Europe in search of antiques and couldn't take our four-legged family members with us.  Words cannot adequately express our gratitude to Les for taking doggies like Mischa and Margaux into his home and making them feel loved and protected when their two-legged loved ones were far away.  We will all miss Les' friendship, his relentlessly upbeat spirit, and his affection for all the doggies who spent time with him, including ours.


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